Sod Installation Services

Windsor Lawn Care and Snow Removal provides professional sod installation and replacement along with other soft-scaping solutions to Windsor and surrounding areas. We’re devoted to what we do, and now we also guarantee to only use state-of-the-art equipment that’s ensures we deliver to you, the great looking backyard you’ve been dreaming about.  With personalized solutions tailored for each customer, our proudly local and family-owned business helps hundreds of homeowners with their distinctive needs

It’s hard to maintain your lawn neatly, particularly if you’re lead busy lives and don’t have time to clean up your property.  If you want to not show people a cluttered-up yard, it’s essential to hire professional contractors that can specialize in sodding and can take care of your lawn.

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Fresh sod and experienced crew

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Hire the best sod installing crew in town

At Windsor Lawn Care and Snow Removal, we always go beyond to serve you with peerless quality and service.  Our customers realize that our work is thorough and detailed.  We do not use the “one size fits all” approach where we suggest and offer the same service to all clients. Such an approach may not satisfy your unique needs. We offer custom solution to every house or commercial property. We are professional grade from beginning till end to. Contact us today for a free, no obligations quote.

A beautifully green lawn impresses everyone. It’s pleasant to the eye and very welcoming to all those who view it or walk on it. It’s the contrasting frame that highlights the plantings of the landscape. And best part of it is that it increases the property’s value. Here at Windsor Lawn Care and Snow Removal, we’ve constructed lawns for newly-constructed houses and have offered resodding lawn services for many years now. We bring thin or damaged lawns back to life for all those lawns that may have degraded over the years. You can’t grow a healthy and green looking lawn from seed overnight or in a few days. With sodding, you can! You can be assured you will get a beautifully laid lawn on your property. The best results rely on proper irrigation, very good mowing, and ongoing maintenance. After lawn replacement, we promise that our job is also to follow up with you to make sure our work has fully met and exceeded your expectations. All of Windsor-Essex county trusts us, you can too!

Our sod installation process:

  • Remove old sod if present: Properly getting rid of your existing lawn prior to re-sodding is the first important step we take to ensure your new sod is able to develop a strong root system. Healthy rooting makes your lawn healthy, last long as well as look visually appealing while requiring less maintenance
  • Smoothen it all out: We use an iron rake to smoothen out your lawn. We flatten any raised spots and fill up any small pits and depressions so the soil in your lawn is smooth and even
  • Add nutrients: A healthy long-lasting lawn needs strong roots. We add a generous layer of nutritious topsoil as well as a thin layer of fertilizer to assist in the development of strong new roots
  • Lay and roll out new sod: After we’ve finished all the planning and preparation, it is finally time for the new sod to be installed. We make sure we supply you with fresh sod. We unroll sod patches uniformly and individually and iron out any footprints that are inevitable during installation
  • Hydrate the new sod: After installation, the sod needs to be thoroughly watered. We advice to not step on the sod the first week after installation. We give you a detailed set of instructions for sod care before we leave

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